MARCMUS - Music paper and handwriting studies in Portugal (18th and 19th centuries): the case study of the collection of the Count of Redondo is a FCT funded R&D exploratory project, EXPL/ART-PER/0749/2021, running during 2022 and 2023.

The help and expertise provided by the project Paper and Copyists in Viennese Opera Scores have proved to be invaluable. MARCMUS would like to thank the whole team, in particular Martin Eybl, Christiane Hornbachner, Johannes Hornbachner and Emanuel Wenger.

The BNP Team: Isabel Novais, Sílvia Sequeira, João Amaral, Sílvia Antunes, Susana José.

Tomás Alves, Teresa Amaral, Maria José Artiaga, Fabrizio Capitanio, Marta Caudullo, Inês Cordeiro, Vera Cordeniz, David Cranmer, Georg Dietz, Cristina Fernandes, Alessandro Lattanzi, Catarina Miguel, Museo della Carta di Pescia, Mafalda Nobre, Joana Paulino, Maria José Ferreira dos Santos, Silvia Scardina, Cristiana Vicente.